One Up Shoes: Power Up with On-Point Kicks for a Lower Price!

If you have teenagers, you probably know how irresistible their requests are. Once they ask for something you know they really want, it’s hard to turn away. I bet no matter how much you say “no”, there’s a part of you that wants to say otherwise.

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling them a bit from time to time, especially if it’s something they’ll need and cherish for a long while–like shoes! Though summer is looking different this year, your young adults will start to explore athleisure sports they enjoy, or home workouts and activities they want to get into. Besides, they also deserve rewards for being such good students, don’t you agree? We all know the sudden shift to the online set-up has been difficult on them as well–sitting still all day for their synchronous classes and doing homework.

It’s time for them to release those youthful energies, get up and enjoy the summer actively, as they should. Here are some good choices from One Up we guarantee your teens will enjoy. Plus, they are affordable, as we also want to make you happy!

1. For Casual and Comfy Days


With the hot season coming up, casual and comfortable is an OOTD priority for our Gen Z’s. Good thing our Elysium understands that. This pair is made of knit material perfect for the summer heat, with durable soles suitable for those day-to-day activities and movements. The bottom sole is lined for their protection, avoiding slippage while maintaining their balance and stability. The Elysium comes in men (Elysium M) and women (Elysium L) sizes, and even for kids! We have the perfect pair for your precious ones no matter their age–they can also get matchy-matchy ones with you, their younger siblings, and cousins. How cute is that? The Elysium is affordably priced at P999 for men, P950 for women, and P899 for kids.

Celestial M and Celestial Kids

Speaking of cute, the Celestial shoes also have lots to offer in this category. Just by looking at it, you can already tell how modern it looks with the specks and splash accent that ties up the overall elegant and stylish design. Steering away from the all-laces norm of rubber shoes, it still has adjustable ones to ensure better fit but does not cover the entire shoe top. Not only is it convenient as it saves time from aligning and tying the laces, but it also exudes this modern and clean style, you won’t believe the affordable price point. But it’s not just for the looks, this lace design is also meant to provide more room for the toes area for extra comfort and better movement. Its soles are very durable, and excessive sweating won’t be a problem with the knit fabric making it refreshing for the feet for long hours. Like the Elysium, you might also want to consider buying matching pairs as the Celestial comes in sizes for adults and kids! Priced at P999 for men, P950 for women and kids.


2.For the Active and Athletic

Basketball shoes these days are more on the expensive side, which is understandable considering good shoes are a necessity for comfort and protection for such an active sport. We understand your hesitation though, thinking about how fast our teens grow, they outgrow their shoes in just a few years! Settling this balance once and for all, you need to consider our basketball shoes, the Oracle M. Its materials are a combination of leather for quality and durability and knit for breathability. The soles are sturdy and help with stability, specially designed for active sports to avoid accidents and injuries. It comes in two color variations: red-black and yellow-white. The quality and designs are highly comparable with the best basketball shoes out there at an affordable price and you can get your hands on them through convenient transactions. We got you! Priced at P1,399 for men.

  The Oracle M sole especially made for active stability.


Energize L

For our young ladies who love, or are starting to discover their love for fitness, working out or new athleisure activities, they will love our Energize L. It is also made of breathable knit, and an outsole that is lightweight, comfortable, and shock-absorbing. The footbed cushions the feet of the wearer so that every movement feels comfortable without the worry of aching feet during and after the activities. It has adjustable shoelaces for better closure, ensuring that the fit will be perfect. And of course, it’s trendy and stylish too! With those beautiful prints of black and white stripes carefully arrayed on the knit, its edgy look is perfect for any occasion – from gym wear to casual wear, complementing well with any outfit. Priced at P950 for women.


3. For the Trendsetters!

You may have noticed; the fashionable trend lately has been the chunky sneakers that–we’ve got to admit–is pretty cute. One Up has a good selection of these styles that are worth checking out. Fair warning though, you may also want to buy some for yourself.


Perseus L

When we say chunky, we aren’t kidding. The Perseus L is made of chunky EVA soles that give a good elevation for better posture and height. But despite the huge soles, it’s very much lightweight and comfortable to wear. The upper part of the Perseus L is man-made leather and mesh, already guaranteeing quality just by looking at it. It is also laced up for a more secured fit. Wearing this will not only feel extremely comfortable but it will for sure boost the confidence of whoever’s fashionably strutting in these. I mean, just look at how classy it is. Would you believe the Perseus L for women is priced only at P950?

Spearpoint M

If chunky isn’t exactly what you need, the Spearpoint is the more toned-down version, but still bearing all the good qualities of the Perseus. It also has good elevation from its sturdy soles and high-quality upper. Overall, it looks very sleek and classy be it in the color black or white. The Spearpoint M rocks the minimalistic look, but it is still eye-catching, undoubtedly perfect for everyday and casual use. Imagine all the heads that will turn and eyes that will be caught for only P999!

To top it all off, you don’t need to worry about the hassle too. We have made it easy and convenient for you to get these items. Cash-on-delivery, bank deposit, return and exchange, we are happy to assist you. More than anything, we are here to help.


You and your teens deserve the best sneakers that are not just affordable, but high-quality above all, and One Up is the way to go. These are just some of our selections, you can head on to our website to browse through all of them to find the perfect one!



One Up is the sub-brand of World Balance Philippines specializing in functional, casual, and high-quality designs for an affordable price.