What’s Up with One Up?            7 Must-have Kicks You Shouldn’t Miss!

What’s Up with One Up? 7 Must-have Kicks You Shouldn’t Miss!

With so many shoe trends to keep up with, it can get a little overwhelming – both for us and our wallets! This is how it feels like to choose between mag tipid or to cop that kicks you’ve been eyeing.

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 But wait, you forgot about One Up! We have so many #AffordableKicksforYou because we believe we can stay on trend without significantly denting our pockets.


Treat Yourself to These Trendy, Comfy, and Budget-friendly Kicks!

Morton - Beige         |         Tatiana - White           |         Symphony - Pink


Morton: Presko but Presentable

It’s about time we stop squeezing our feet into sneakers in this hot weather. Closed shoes can be presko too if it’s Morton. Wear it with or without socks; it doesn’t matter. You’ll still look presentable and feel like you’re walking on air.

 (But do wear socks as much as you can. Heh.)


Get Morton in white, beige, or black for only PHP 350

 It’s not only about cuteness, however! The lightweight feature of the Morton helps relieve muscle strain. Since your feet aren’t cooped inside closed sneakers all the time, they’re happier with more space and air to breathe in.


Bellamy: Elegant but Easy

And speaking of closed shoes, you can also wear a slip-on style. Our new Bellamy is equally comfortable, easy to wear, and exudes elegance.

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You can feel the high-quality canvas with every wear, and it’s the material to thank for the moisture control. Fewer worries about sweat, more comfort with every step!

Get Bellamy in blue or black for only PHP 500


Tatiana: Comfort Meets Style

But of course, we can never give sneakers up. Every intricate detail on kicks and the overall look it gives to our SOTD (Shoe Of The Day) is a must.

 The new Tatiana has the perfect balance of style and comfort. They are not only affordable but they also stand the test of time! Their premium aesthetics and value will have you looking cool on all occasions while keeping you comfortable.

Get Tatiana in black or white for only PHP 950


Omar: Simple is Best

Plus points if you got the reference! Simple is best, as Yoongi says. And Omar understood the assignment.

Source: Tenor.com

The Omar pairs give us the classy black and all-white colorway, which can help you dress up and down regardless of your outfit. You can never go wrong with minimal colors.

Get Omar in white or black for only PHP 500


Powell: Ready to go wherever your style takes you

Powell perfectly blends comfort and style to create an upscale casual look. From variety of materials, including canvas and man-made leather, this shoe is built to go out and about with you whether you're heading to brunch on weekends or to work on weekdays!

Get Powell in blue or gray for only PHP 799


Symphony: Rhythm to Your Feet

 Going for a light workout or a walk to the office? These shoes are designed to fit the modern athlete that also seeks leisure. The unique knit style makes them perfectly fit not just for your feet but also for your active lifestyle. Symphony is made to keep you moving, no matter comes your way!

Get Symphony in blue or pink for only PHP 950


 Propel: Bound for Adventure

 Life is good when you're in these shoes. From its name, PROPEL, these shoes provide a lightweight shoe experience that also provides a great grip perfect for your next adventure!

Get Propel in black or blue for only PHP 999


Don’t Miss the Latest Kicks.

Stay updated with the latest trends without splurging too much. Let’s explore all the newest styles together. Here are the must-have sneakers mentioned:

Share your OOTDs with us, too. We love seeing how you style our kicks! Tag us on Instagram @oneupbywb for a chance to get featured.


Written by : Klariz Rae C. Chen

Edited by: Veronica M. Manlulu


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