Top 5 Fashion-Forward OOTD Combos to try with Chunky Sneakers

Top 5 Fashion-Forward OOTD Combos to try with Chunky Sneakers

“I DON’T HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR!!!” while staring at your closet full of clothes and a couple of footwear… 

 Relate? Yup, you are not alone! It may seem like meeting fashion requirements when it comes to an outfit for a day is IMPOSSIBLE. 

 But fret not! Leave the disappointment and fear behind, because we have something you can use for your daily OOTDs. Trust us when we say that you are going to look good every single time. 

 Here are 5 useful fashion tips that you should never forget when dressing up and pairing your fit with OneUp by Chunky Sneakers.


You know those awful, unflattering dresses that make you look like a tent? If you’re petite, do yourself a favor and avoid them and wear an oversized top as a dress instead. The cherry on top? Add some clunky platform shoes to finish the outfit; they just balance the physique and prevent it from looking top-heavy. You’re welcome!

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With our white sneakers, you'll be ready for anything!

A pair of chunky white sneakers is a necessity for every baddie since they are the ideal fusion of high street fashion and sporty looks. Whether you're wearing them with jeans, shorts, or your favorite dress, they're the ideal finishing touch to any look.

If you want to add some retro vibes to your look, a crop top with a sporty jacket and flare pants is a perfect outfit combo to feature your curves.

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 Do you ever feel like you're missing something? Well, we've got just the thing: pink! Pink shouts gentleness and romance, but it can also be bold and fun —just what you need for your next outfit! Unlock more wardrobe combos and freshen up your look with pink sneakers, and a light pink top paired with a white skirt.

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Off-duty model look is a tricky one. It's the kind of look that can either come off as "just got out of bed" or shiny, depending on how you do it. But there are some tricks to making it look like you've just rolled out of bed and still managed to look like a fashionista.

We're talking about the perfect mix of blazer and biker shorts with white chunky sneakers—and we're all here for it!

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It's time to get your chill on!

Chances are, you've got a tank top and some jeans in your closet. But have you ever thought about what else you could wear with them? Try pairing your chunky sneakers with a racerback top and denim pants for an instant fab get-up! Whether you're chilling in your favorite spot, or just trying to look cool at the coffee shop, this outfit is the perfect combination of rugged and stylish.

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Don't be the last to rock these head-turning chunky sneakers. Jump on the trend and look fabulous doing it!

Hope this helps. Feel free to explore other styling ideas for your OneUp sneakers by browsing our other Blog Articles! Whatever the case, there is no right or wrong way to style your OneUp sneakers. Once you have learned what works best for you, you can take our fashion-forward OOTD combos and create something of your own!




Written by: Kyla Theresse Panganiban

Edited by: Veronica Manlulu


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