Step Into the Festive Season: Trendy Gifts for Every Sole!

Step Into the Festive Season: Trendy Gifts for Every Sole!

Hey shoe enthusiasts! ❄️✨ With the holiday season just around the corner, it's that beautiful time of year when your shoes need to be as lit as the festive lights. Whether you’re looking to treat yo’ self or get that perfect gift for your fam, One Up is serving up some total bops for your feet.

And the best part? They're trendy, fabulous, and won’t make your wallet cry!

FOR THE GENTS: The New Era of Dapper 🎁👟

Gents, the holidays are a chance to redefine your swagger. From office parties to Christmas dinners, let every step showcase your charisma.

ELYSIUM: Glide through the festivities in these mesh upper athleisure shoes. It's not just comfort; it's a lifestyle. And for just ₱500? Talk about a bargain!


PAYTON: There's nothing like a classic. This all-white lifestyle shoe is pure sophistication, and it's ready to make an entrance. At only ₱1,099, you'll be the epitome of class.


VALIANT: Elevate your game with these athleisure shoes, shining bright in a white-blue colorway. Originally priced at ₱1,899, they're now available for just ₱1,399. Total steal!


FOR THE LADIES: Elegance with Every Step 🛷👟


Ladies, let your shoes do the talking this season. Whether you're turning heads at a party or having a cozy night in with friends, these pairs are your festive fairy godmothers.

ZINNIA: Embrace the allure of the night with these black athleisure shoes. Designed for the trendsetters, they're available for just ₱1,050.


ARCA: Bringing back the classics with a touch of modern flair. With a creamy white shade, these lifestyle shoes can be yours for ₱950.


AUSTEN: A timeless design with a modern mesh touch, these shoes at ₱1,050  are the perfect blend of tradition and trend.


FOR THE KIDDOS: Fashion-forward Choices for the Little Ones 🌟


Parents and guardians, it's time to gift your little ones the style they deserve this holiday season. Let them shine, play, and explore in shoes that match their energy.


UPWARD YB: Priced at ₱850, these lifestyle shoes are not just footwear; they're a reflection of youthful energy. Let the adventures begin!


YOUNGSTER BB: Classic meets colorful! Available in three snazzy colorways, these lifestyle shoes are perfect for your dapper young dude. Priced at just ₱850.


UPTREND BG: For the young divas, these athleisure shoes come with a sock-like fit and no laces, ensuring total comfort and style. Grab them for ₱1,050.

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, but in our case, the best pair of shoes! Early giving gifting not only helps you avoid the last-minute rush and the festive chaos, but also ensures you get the best picks before they're gone. Plus, imagine the joy of seeing your loved ones unwrap their gifts well in advance, stretching the happiness over days, not just hours.


This holiday season, gift the joy of trend, comfort, and an unmatched style. When you think of heartwarming moments, memories, and shoes that echo the spirit of the season, think One Up. Happy gifting, and step into the season's magic! 🌟🎄👟


Jump into the comment section and spill the tea: How are you stepping up your gift game this festive season? And tell us which pair is giving you major heart eyes? 😍😍


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Written By: Veronica Manlulu-Santos


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