Single this Valentine's Day? We have something for you!

Single this Valentine's Day? We have something for you!

Valentine's Day is coming and ngl (not gonna lie), if you're single, it can really be a bummer. But we've got something that will help you get through it!


Whether you're in a relationship or not, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to remind yourself that you deserve to treat yourself.


No need to despair because now you’ve got yourself a pair! 👟 👟


With One Up, you just found yourself the perfect match! ✨ We've got some amazing shoes that will help keep those feet feeling cozy and comfy while still giving you plenty of opportunity to show off your sense of style this Valentine’s Day (and the days after! 😉)



1. TYRA is for you if you wanna achieve a sporty vibe 💪

The Tyra Athleisure Shoes are perfect for casual strolls around the block, lunch on the weekend, or even a night out with friends on Valentine’s Day. With its unique, colorful design and breathable material, it'll make you want to wear these shoes all day, anywhere!


(PREVIOUSLY ₱1,650.00)


2. TAURI: To achieve and flaunt the fresh fit. 😎

Give your Valentine’s Day fit an updated look with the Tauri athleisure shoes. Designed with man-made leather for added style and better support, you can now choose from our white or a pop electric blue colorway so you can match your mood.


(PREVIOUSLY ₱1,799.00)


3. NYLAH. So you can move naturally from heel to toe 😌

Redefine amazing in our new Nylah athleisure shoe.  An everyday essential that is as comfortable as it is stylish, these shoes are made with a breathable knit upper and a lightweight EVA outsole that lets you get up and go without missing a step.


(PREVIOUSLY ₱1,599.00)


4. Feel the comfort with GRAZER

Elevate your style with these athleisure shoes. A chunky yet lightweight sole gives you extra support in every movement, while sleek details and a trendy color make them a style staple in your closet.


(PREVIOUSLY ₱1,799.00)


5. This is for you if you wanna UPGRADE your athleisure game! 🤩

You’re on the go, and you’ve got places to be this Valentine’s Day? You need a shoe that meets all your needs: comfort, style, and performance. Upgrade’s mesh upper provides breathability and comfort while our patterned midsole adds visual interest and takes your step from heel to toe with confidence.


(PREVIOUSLY ₱1,599.00)


And if you're feeling extra romantic… You can treat your family and friends too! What better way to splurge than to treat the people that are always present in your life in every Valentine’s Day!  💝


Looking for last-minute gift ideas? Our collection of sandals, slides, and flip flops are perfect for gifting!

  1. TRAVERSE L (₱400)
  2. TRAVERSE BB (₱400)
  3. DELCY (₱299)
  4. CHIEF SLIDERS (₱350)
  5. HOOD SLIDER L (₱250)


Don’t be too hard on yourself this Valentine’s Day. Single or not, you’ve got yourself a pair with One Up!

So, whether you're celebrating alone or with friends this Valentine's Day, make sure that you're taking care of yourself first by indulging in these amazing footwear!

What are some ways you like to celebrate Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written By: Veronica Manlulu


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