It’s 2023 and we're sure everybody is all about making a list of their new year's resolution. But resolutions aren't limited to taking care of ourselves, but also our favorite kicks!


For all the sneakerheads out there who stan a fresh-looking shoe, did you know that there are different ways to keep your kicks looking good? And that they don't always have to be expensive? We're here to help you with your shoe care 101!


Listen up: making your sneakers last longer doesn't have to be hard! With these care tips, you can keep your kicks in tip-top shape for years to come.


With all the walking we do, it's no surprise that our sneakers get a little worn out. The good news is that you don't have to replace them after every wear—all it takes is a little bit of TLC  (Tender Loving Care). Here are some easy ways to make sure your sneakers last as long as possible:



1) Treat your shoes with care. Don't just throw them around and expect them to stay clean and crisp-looking forever. Try not to wear them in the rain or on muddy surfaces! Don't be afraid to give them extra care every once in a while, by cleaning them with a soft cloth and warm water.
2) Avoid stains at all costs. This is where those shoe protectors come in handy. They'll keep your sneakers looking pristine, even after wearing them through puddles or getting caught in an unexpected downpour. You can also try using leather conditioner every now and then if you want to keep your leather shoes supple and soft (but remember don't condition suede!).
3) Bye bye crease and bad smell! Newspapers are easily accessible, and they’re great at absorbing moisture. If you've had a bad day and your feet sweat a lot or your shoes are soaked in rain, fill your kicks with newspapers to help them dry more quickly and get rid of the rotten smell. One of the main things that make shoes look dated is toe creases, which can be avoided by stuffing your shoes. 



1) MAN-MADE LEATHER:  Warm water and mild dish or hand soap, applied carefully by hand, are the best cleaning agents for synthetic leather shoes. You should also clean them with a moist cloth to get rid of dust and debris. Take note that over time, stains grow more durable and are therefore more difficult to remove.

2) KNIT: Avoid brushing and strong detergents, which can be a little too rough for knit. Instead, use a bar of mild bath soap. Soak a cloth in cold water and gently rub on the soap. The best way to dry shoes with knit material is to pat the shoes with a dry cloth and allow them to air dry.

3) SUEDE: Washing a pair of suede shoes in water may cause stains to get permanently embedded in the material since suede absorbs water.  Instead, use a dry brush first, then a rubber eraser, followed by some rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, or a suede-cleaning solution to remove tough stains.

4) MESH: The breathable fabric of mesh material can be cleaned by using a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, which is a powerful combination for cleaning stubborn dirt and stains out of mesh shoes.



Why spend a lot of money having your shoes cleaned at the mall when you can get your own cleaning kit for a much lower cost? You can now keep the beauty of your suede and nubuck shoe uppers without damaging the delicate material for only P 399.00!


We highly recommend this SUEDE & NUBUCK CARE KIT from World Balance to maintain your favorite pairs of shoes. It's easy to use and won't leave any residue on your shoes!


There are a few things in life that are always there for you: your friends, your family, and your favorite pair of shoes. NGL (Not Gonna Lie), shoes hold so much meaning for us—they're our partners in crime, supporting us literally every step of our journey. So, it's time to give them the love that they deserve!


We hope that you can keep your kicks good as new with these care tips. Your One Up fam wishes you a Happy New Year filled with good shoes, good experiences, and good luck!


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Written By: Veronica Manlulu


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