Reasons Why These New One Up Shoes Are Gen Z Approved!

Reasons Why These New One Up Shoes Are Gen Z Approved!

Looking for footwear that speaks to your own style and vibe? One Up Shoes has you covered with designs that are perfect for expressing your authentic self. Here are four reasons why these new One Up Shoes are getting the Gen Z stamp of approval.


1. Embrace Your Unique Style

One Up Shoes knows that Gen Z values authenticity and self-expression. Their shoes are designed to help you showcase your unique personality and style. Whether you're into bold statements or subtle elegance, there's a pair for you.

  • Why Gen Z Loves It: Encourages self-expression, celebrates individuality


2. Comfort Meets Trendiness

Who says you can't have both style and comfort? One Up Shoes seamlessly blends these two elements, ensuring that you not only look good but feel great too. Perfect for long days out and about, these shoes keep up with your active lifestyle.

  • Why Gen Z Loves It: Stylish and comfortable, perfect for any occasion


3. Affordable Fashion for All

At just ₱1,299 per pair, One Up Shoes makes it easy to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Gen Z appreciates the accessibility of these fashionable and affordable shoes, allowing them to update their wardrobe regularly.

  • Why Gen Z Loves It: Affordable pricing, great value for money


4. Spotlight on the Favorites

👟 Marielle L in Black

The Marielle L in black is a versatile staple. Its sleek design pairs well with any outfit, making it a go-to choice for both casual and dressy occasions.

Features: Sleek design, versatile, comfortable fit

Price: ₱1,299

Shop Marielle L in Black

 👟 Marielle L in Off-White

For a fresh, clean look, the Marielle L in off-white is perfect. It's ideal for daytime outings and adds a crisp vibe to any ensemble.

Features: Clean design, fresh look, easy to style

Price: ₱1,299

Shop Marielle L in Off-White


👟 Galen M

The Galen M stands out with its sporty design and vibrant green accents. Perfect for active days and casual outings, these shoes add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Features: Sporty design, vibrant accents, comfortable for active wear

Price: ₱1,299

Shop Galen M


👟 Vanir M

For those who love to make a bold statement, the Vanir M is the shoe for you. Its striking design and bold color combination ensure you turn heads wherever you go.

Features: Striking design, bold colors, statement-making

Price: ₱1,299

Shop Vanir M


Find Your Perfect Pair Today!

Ready to step up your style game? Visit One Up Shoes to explore the full range and find the pair that speaks to you.


Whether you’re drawn to the chic Marielle L, the sporty Galen M, or the bold Vanir M, there's something for everyone. Embrace your individuality with shoes that are truly Gen Z approved. Be stylish, be comfortable, but most importantly, be unapologetically you.


Low-key, we're totally vibing with all the One Up options!


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Written By: Veronica Manlulu-Santos


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