Friendship Day Flex: The Must-Have Kicks Your Squad Can't Miss!

Friendship Day Flex: The Must-Have Kicks Your Squad Can't Miss!

Hey, sole-mates! This July 31, 2023, we're about to get lit for Friendship Day. Let's celebrate our ride-or-dies and our go-to drip – One Up kicks. Cuz hey, aren't our fave One Up shoes just like our besties? Here's the tea:

 1. On Loop, On Fleek: Like that friend who’s always on your speed dial, One Up kicks are always there, ready to step out whenever you are. Grooving at a party or grinding for your dreams, One Up rides along.

2. Snatched Looks: Just like our BFFs help us keep our style game strong, One Up shoes level up our fits. The colorways are fire and the style is straight-up goals. Talk about serving looks!

 3. High-Key Loyal: Real talk, fam – comfort is major key. Like your bestie who always got your back, One Up shoes offer the ultimate support. For every generation, every vibe, One Up got you!

 4. No Cap, Just Quality: Friendship ain't about who's got the biggest bag. It's all about the vibe. One Up keeps it 100 by delivering stylish shoes without making your wallet take an L.

5. Good Vibes Only: One Up shoes are all about the happy feels. They’re like your besties in shoe form – always hyping you up!



Because it’s Friendship Day, let's kick it up a notch with our Friendship Style Guide! Check out these fresh picks perfect for your next bestie hangout:

1. Grazer for Men: Ain't nothing better than a classic pair of white kicks, especially when they're spruced up with pops of color like our Grazer athleisure shoes. The same way your homies add vibrancy to your life, Grazer brings the fun back to your fit. Perfect for a chill day out with your squad!


 2. Tyra for Women: Just like that bestie who's always up for anything, Tyra's unique, colorful design is a vibe and a half. Plus, its breathable material means you're ready to roll no matter where the day takes you and your gals.



 3. Xenon for Men: Xenon's got your back – or rather, your feet – with its superior traction. This shoe is just like your ride-or-die friend, always there to keep you grounded while adding aesthetic value to your fit. For all your adventures, you'll want Xenon along for the ride.




 4. Heiress for Women: Who said style and comfort can't go hand in hand? Our Heiress athleisure shoes, made with bubble outsole technology, are like the friends who help soften the blows life throws at you. Plus, they'll keep your shoe game strong while doing it!



 5. Arida for Women: Want to elevate your style game? Say hello to Arida. Its chunky outsoles are the style equivalent of that hype friend who boosts your confidence and makes you feel ten feet tall. So why not strut your stuff in these kicks on your next girl's day out?




Ready to step up? Don't forget, fam - FREE SHIPPING on a minimum spend of ₱750. Cop those shoes, show off your style, and celebrate Friendship Day the One Up way!


Squad up with your besties, cop your favorite One Up shoes, and get FREE SHIPPING on a minimum spend of ₱750. Flex those squad goals, fam – 'cuz friends that slay One Up kicks together, stay together!


So, ready to stunt on 'em this Friendship Day? Grab your bestie, your freshest pair of One Up kicks, and strut your way to new adventures and iconic stories. Here's to the realest friendships and the dopest shoes that walk the walk with us.


Happy Friendship Day, peeps!

Now, go on and showcase your Friendship Day adventures with One Up by tagging us on our socials! Let's see those squad vibes and One Up kicks in action! 💯👟



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