ONE UP HIGH: Choose your avatar!

Your teachers and peers might be hyped for the new school year and so are we 🎉 🎉

We know you don't want to be tied down to one look all year long so go ahead and get creative with your back-to-school shoes!

We've got a lot of inspos for you and your friends to choose from that will surely match your vibe and will make this school year even more fun!


1. The Athlete and the Cheerleader

📣 O-N-E-U-P GO, OU! 📣

Make way for one up! Designed for every athlete and captain; whether it be on the court, on track, or flying up with your cheer squad, these kicks will get you there in style.

We designed Maximus (for men) to take you through your next game. They can handle it all, and even a bit more.

Cheerleaders need some support too! Neoma (for the ladies) will give your fans the perfect view of your kicks on and off the field, while giving you an extra boost during the stunt!

2. The Rebel and the Hipster

Here in One Up, YOU make the rules!

Bring your style to school with our new line of back-to-school shoes and style your fit however you like.

Make a statement without making noise. Designed to provide breathability, flexibility, and superior comfort, get ready to start a revolution with Heisen (for men).

How about shoes that are both Kickin' and hipster? Snag a pair of these Arwen shoes for the ladies and you'll be ready to take on anything!


3. The Preppy Guy and the Class President


You've got big dreams and even bigger ideas... so does One Up and our new collection of school shoes made for the leader who's ready to take on the world (or the class) 🤓😉

Complete your look with the shoes that embody who you are - calm, composed, and collected. Powell Lifestyle shoes for men lets your personality shine through in a way that doesn't call attention to itself. And it does this by giving you exactly what you need: comfort, durability, and style.

Indira Athleisure shoes (for the ladies) are made for every leader. We believe in empowering the next generation of leaders to take on the world with confidence, strength, yet not compromising their sense of style. That's why we've created a shoe that is built to last, but lightweight and flexible enough to help you succeed at whatever life throws at you.


4. The Theater Kid and the Fashionista


It's back to school and you know what that means: it's time to get your new shoes on and show the world what you're made of. Wear shoes that reflect who you are -- stylish and ready to take on any stage.


Have you heard of the Byron Lifestyle shoes for men? They are perfect for those days when you want to chill and relax, a lifestyle shoe that's designed to keep you looking good, feeling good, and living your best life while appreciating works of art.

On the other hand, a bold statement of confidence, these Altair sneakers are made for those who dare to be different. For the fashionista who knows what she wants who isn't afraid push boundaries when it comes to style, these sneakers with unique bubble outsole will add an edgier element to any look!

With One Up, you're definitely a star! ⭐⭐⭐


5. The Comic Geek and the Artsy Gal

The artsy and geek flair.

Don’t be afraid to show your character. Because with One Up, your authentic self is your edge!

You're a smarty-pants who's not afraid to show it off. You've got the geek swagger in your Kazuya athleisure shoes whether you’re strolling down the hall or roaming the campus!

And for the ladies? Canis athleisure shoes are made for every artsy gal who's tired of wearing boring shoes on her way to the studio.

These are for the woman who doesn't want to sacrifice style for comfort, and for the woman who knows she's got some beautiful things to share with the world!

So, who are you gonna be this school year?


Whatever role, extracurricular club, or sport you’re gonna take this school year… the only thing that’s constant is One Up, your sneaker companion and a part of your campus journey. We’ll make sure that you’ll be rockin’ the freshest kicks when you step into the room without breaking the bank.

Ready to have a blast this school year? The best shoe experience is just a few clicks away.


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Written by: Veronica Manlulu


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