Let Your Sneakers Describe You

Let Your Sneakers Describe You

Let Your Sneakers Describe You


They say your shoes say a lot about you – your taste, preparedness, and efforts.


Do you agree?


To an extent, we do. Shoes complete your overall look, and it tells us how much thought you put into your entire outfit from head to toe!





But does this mean you need to splurge on your shoes to make a statement?


Well, you can. But with One Up, you don’t have to.


Our Sneakers Are Under PHP 1,000, But Still with Top-Notch Quality.


We’ve compiled some of our best bets that will look good on you. Are you ready?


You Bright Up the Darko Days

PHP 999


Black and gray colorways sound dark, alright. But with Darko, expect it to do the opposite and brighten up your lookexactly like how you brighten up the days of those around you! (Yiee!)


It’s a good mix of leather and mesh, topped with a midfoot cage to double the protection for your feet. It’s long-lasting and durable, so you’re getting the best of both worlds – affordable AND stylish at the same time.


Neutrals with a nice pop of color give this edgy look. And if you throw in some detailed accents, you’ll get the Darko style that will upgrade your entire OOTD.


You Stand Out and Create A Chronicle

PHP 999


If this catches your eye, then you’re probably the type to always stand out and leave something legendary wherever you go. Don’t hold back and go for it!



No one can deny that knit is one of the most comfortable materials for kicks. If we’re talking about breathability and flexibility, we’re confident that our Chronicle will not disappoint.

Just by looking at it, the style is a given. But we also give extra props to the quality experience this pair brings once you wear them!


So, if you’re looking for a boost, the soles of the Chronicle can give you that. And in terms of fashion, it can elevate even the plainest tops and bottoms.



You’re Different, But You Belong: Outlander

PHP 999

Like the Outlander that boasts a style that steers away from the standard laces, you also have something unique to offer. Different is good!



Say goodbye to laces and hello to the convenience of Outlander!


Laces are great, and all, but a slip-on has always been a game-changer. Especially for the rushed days, the fastest way to put on kicks is the best way.


But for some, rushing also means compromising the supposed style they want. Should this be normal? Of course not. We can change that.


Though minus the laces, our Outlander still serves you all the good things that sneakers can give. Nothing less, only more!


Soft-Hearted But Fierce: Miranda L

PHP 999


Like the soft materials but hardcore performance capacity of our Miranda L, some people have the softest hearts and warmest souls but are fierce and firm in everything they do! We see you – you go, girl!


If you’re on the hunt for a good workout companion, why not call Miranda?


But who in the world is Miranda, you ask?


Well, it’s our always ready and on-the-go kicks that’s a softie from the inside out. With its cushioning soles and mesh material, no one can be softer this pair!


But don’t get her wrong, Miranda doesn’t back down from anything. Be it for running, working out, or doing simple cardio, she can endure it all.



You’re A Jack of All Trades: Cesca L

PHP 999


Cesca said, why settle for one design when you can have all three? For our jack of all trades, don’t feel pressured to master all of them. Like Cesca, all of them look stunning together!


Giving us a more spiced-up look, Cesca offers us three designs in one. The mesh, the knit, and the cushion – what more can you ask for?


Whatever activity you have planned out for the day, you know this pair can handle them. For a casual errand? For a day out? For a quick stroll? Take Cesca with you!




Minimalistic But Eye-Catching: Montgomery L

PHP 999


Yes, it only has one-tone color. But no, it’s far from boring! If you’re the opposite of our jack of all trades, Cesca, that’s equally wonderful too. You have that one thing to be proud of, so show it off!  


Allow Montgomery to offer you the clean and minimal style that brings out the best in your OOTD. If anything, our Montgomery L is one of the best-looking kicks we’re very proud of.


The mesh-knit material makes it flexible and comfortable, and it follows your steps wherever and in whatever you do.


And the soles? Absolute bliss.


It cushions your feet from the inside, and it supports every bounce on the outside – perfect for any movement.


So, Which Kicks Describe You the Best?


Of course, shoes don’t define you – no!


But if they say something about you, why not choose the best one that embodies you accurately?


Enjoy these affordable kicks for you and walk the talk everywhere you go!


One Up is a sub-brand of World Balance, your trusted active lifestyle brand. Finding the right pair of affordable sneakers can be a challenge, but One Up offers extra stylish designs that won't cost you any extra. Cop 'em right now and choose your trendy everyday kicks.

 Post is written by: Klariz Rae Chen



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