High-quality shoes with modern style for less than PHP 1000?

Yes, please!

We’re are here with a K-Pop dance practice video style hacks! Focusing more on our specialty – SHOES!

Who else can you rely on when it comes to well-balanced kicks that are stylish and of quality while still practical and affordable?

You got that right. One of the best bets is us! World Balance's sub-brand, One Up.

Do you trust us? Then come and power up with our One Up shoe dupes!


DRA DA DA DA, BAM! Let’s Talk About ONEUS Seoho in the No Diggity Choreography Video

We now understand why the title is No Diggity.

Because no diggity, no doubt, that choreography is so powerful and synchronized – we need to talk about it more!

That’s why when they said, “look at me now” in the lyrics, you bet we did.

And in doing so, we spotted a cutie (Hi, Seoho) and an Arvo M dupe!

Uncanny, right?

The color scheme and chunky style are captured well. And we can 100% assure you that the comfort and durability aren’t compromised.

For quality kicks that are equipped with mesh and leather, you’d think the price tag is way up.

But nope, only standards are high, but the price is low. You can get this for only PHP 999!


Go Dingga Dingga with MAMAMOO Moonbyul


There’s no denying that the 80s disco-pop vibe of the Dingga music video was so exciting and upbeat.

But being the fun and cool dorks (and we say this lovingly) that they are, their dance practice video was as chaotic and eventful!

And also, we spotted something!

Moonbyul’s kicks remind us of our very own Arvo L in gray-pink.

Yes, it’s the women's size version of the Arvo M above. So, ladies, if you were eyeing the Arvo M, get excited because we have something for you.

And what are the odds that Moonbyul and Seoho are both from RBW?

The colorway may not be exactly the same, but the chunky soles and colorful leather body are a close dupe for when you want to simply achieve her style.

It also has a white-blue variation if you prefer a cool-toned color scheme.

The Arvo L embraces a bright, youthful, and colorful vibe, which makes it the perfect sneakers to wear for going dingga dingga or having fun with your friends!

Of course, you’ll need trusty shoes that are durable for all the fun, but soft enough to keep you comfortable, right? Arvsolutely.

And if we say you can get this for less than a thousand pesos, you better believe us. For only PHP 950, you can rock this style with confidence and enjoyment.


Mic Mic Bungee with BTS SUGA

Sorry Billboard, sorry Worldwide, but you might also want to say sorry to your eomma (mom) because you’ll surely want to let her buy you our Elysium M after this.

The Mic Drop Dance Practice for MAMA has always been a top-tier favorite of ours (especially me, the writer) since it got uploaded.

So, when I saw the Elysium M from One Up, I thought it really looked like a good dupe for SUGA’s sneakers here and had to include it!

All the jumping and bouncing in this choreography require durable shoes like our Elysium M that won’t make you feel restricted.

Not only does it live up to the visual aesthetic, but it also provides that breathable and lightweight experience.

Even as lifestyle shoes, it’s sturdy and comfortable enough for dancing, walking, and all the moving around. But of course, it’s still the best choice for your go-to casual kicks – all for as low as PHP 999.

To The White Sneakers Zone


We’ve collected a few good dupes of white sneakers as well. And they deserve a whole section!

We have enough for everyone. So, let’s go and enter the world of white sneakers!

Go Up with SB19

Of course, we won’t forget to include our very own Filipino group whose talents are just beyond amazing. We love the message of reaching high and giving our all to go up, perfectly complementing One Up’s theme!

And in their dance practice video, other than the synchronized steps and clean moves, they were all wearing white sneakers that are just so pleasing to watch.

But Pablo’s kicks, specifically, caught our eyes!

The textured soles that give the edgy look with an all-white aesthetic from the top of the shoes to the bottom soles, remind us of our Spearpoint M in white, a lot.

As you can tell by our Spearpoint M’s looks, it’s designed for style and fashion. It can compete with all the trendy sneakers out there, while still making sure that you are provided with the basic comfort that shoes should give to the wearer.

Don’t be tricked by the premium leather look, though. These kicks are affordably priced at PHP 999 only. Yep!

Oh Lilac~ IU’s Dance Practice Is Superior  

How can we love IU only until Spring? That’s just impossible.

Also scoring a spot in our white sneakers zone, our best girl is looking and sounding good in the Lilac Dance Practice video – like always.

The main difference is that IU has black accents on hers, while our Perseus L features an all-white look. If you don’t mind this minor discrepancy, you can still get her look quite accurately for only PHP 950.

And while we’re on the topic of chunky, we have one more pair for the ladies that might suit your taste more.

If you like small hints of color as opposed to an all-white look, our Carmine in white with pops of neon green accents will be the better choice.

It also comes in black and pink colorways. And believe it or not, this is priced at PHP 950 only!

Our Boy, TREASURE’s Junkyu

If he wants to be our boy, he can our boy.

We almost forgot that we were looking for dupes because Treasure was so good and ate up this Boy dance practice video; we got distracted, OK!

But we’re back, we’re back.

And we are so excited that Junkyu’s white sneakers resemble our Grayson M in white.

Unlike all the shoes above with eye-catching colors and designs that stand out, the Grayson M is simple yet keeps up well with the rest.

We’re pretty sure you’re a bit tired with all the big and chunky soles style, that’s why we’re ending simply but strongly with the Grayson M.

Despite the simple tennis-shoe look, you’ll be surprised by how much it can amp up any outfit. Easily gain confidence and get all the OOTD compliments for only PHP 999!

Found Your Perfect Shoe Dupe?

As fun as this was for us, our main goal is still to help you spot those dupes and cop them for yourself at an affordable price!

Here’s a quick rundown of the kicks we’ve featured:

  • Arvo M
  • Arvo L
  • Elysium M
  • Spearpoint M
  • Perseus L
  • Carmine
  • Grayson M

Style and fashion should be accessible, and One Up believes in making this happen. Read more about One Up and discover other selections here.



One Up is the sub-brand of World Balance Philippines specializing in functional, casual, and high-quality designs for an affordable price.

Post is written by: Klariz Rae Chen

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