Gear Up Your Kids for the Best V-Day Playdate with One Up's Trendy Kicks!

Gear Up Your Kids for the Best V-Day Playdate with One Up's Trendy Kicks!

Here are the reasons why One Up's latest kid's collection is the talk of the playground this Valentine's Day! Whether it's for a heart-filled playdate or a fun day out with the fam, One Up's Ripple Ride and Weaving Step sneakers are the perfect match for your little ones. Plus, there's a whole range to explore. Get ready to up their shoe game!

One Up's kid collection is here to transform your little ones' playdates into a fashion-forward, friendship-celebrating extravaganza. Whether they're zooming down the sidewalk or showing off their hopscotch skills, these kicks are about to level up their fun!


For the Mini Mavericks: Ripple Ride

Introducing the Ripple Ride for big boys! These aren't just any red sneakers; they're a ticket to becoming the playground's style MVP. Picture your kiddo leading the pack in these bold, firetruck-red kicks that scream "cool". With a grip that sticks and a look that clicks, they're all set for whatever game day throws at them.

Ripple Ride


For the Little Trendsetters: Weaving Step

Now for the big girls with even bigger style: the Weaving Step in playful pink. These aren't just pink sneakers; they're the ultimate flex at any playdate. Your fashionista will be weaving through her friends, leaving a trail of "OMGs" and "I want those!" with every step. They're comfy, they're cute, and they're just what every Gen Z diva in the making needs.

Weaving Step


More from One Up's Collection

Dig these styles? There's more where that came from! Check out the full One Up collection for a rainbow of colorways that'll make your kiddo's day. From neon greens to electric blues, there's a hue for every young personality out there.

Check out what’s NEW in the Kid’s Collection

So, slide into those DMs or hit that group chat because it's time to plan the ultimate Valentine's Day playdate with One Up. Let your little ones express themselves with every playful jump and each running step. After all, isn't that what being a kid is all about?

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