Choose Your Adventure: Unbox Your Perfect Summer with One Up Sneakers!

Choose Your Adventure: Unbox Your Perfect Summer with One Up Sneakers!

Summer's calling—are you ready to play? As April bids its farewell, we're diving into the vibrant days ahead with One Up's latest collection of stylish sneakers, all set for an interactive adventure on this blog. Decked out in trendy designs and boasting prices that won't break the bank, these kicks are set to be the must-haves for anyone eager to step up their style game. Lace up, and let's embark on a journey of style and playful quizzes!


Let's amp up the volume on each of our summer stars:


👟 Pluto - The bold contrast of black and white makes the Pluto not just a shoe, but a statement. For P1,299, these are the beats of the street, the rhythm to your step on those long, sun-drenched days.

👟 Cleon - Cleon, for P1,699, is the symphony of design – an ode to those who dare to stand out. Its futuristic waves are like the ocean’s pulse, a sleek companion for the trendsetter’s soul.



👟 Vanir - Vanir, priced at P1,250, is the colorist's canvas. Whether it’s the crispness of cool silver or the warmth of creamy caramel, these sneakers are your summer anthem, a perfect harmony of style and comfort.





👟 Flynn - Flynn offers a throwback for P950. This one is for the classics lover, a timeless tune that never goes out of fashion, a retro riff that resonates with every step.



👟 Yvaine - At P1,250, Yvaine is the whisper in the crowd, the subtle flair that speaks volumes. Available in pure white or a gentle beige, it's the understated choice that completes your summer serenade.




One Up's "Unlock Your Summer Style" Interactive Story

Imagine this: You’re the main character in a summer adventure, and your choices will not only craft your story but will also reveal which One Up sneaker is your ultimate summer companion.


Start Your Adventure

You’ve just been given a day to do whatever you want, no strings attached. How do you start your morning?

  1. With an energizing run through the park. (Pluto)
  2. By planning an itinerary for a day of city exploration. (Vanir)
  3. By sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely brunch on your patio. (Yvaine)
  4. Going to a local art exhibit or a new museum. (Cleon)
  5. Meeting friends for a day at the beach. (Flynn)


Choose Your Path

Midday arrives, and it's time to choose your next activity. What’s it going to be?

  1. Hit the gym or play a sport with friends. (Pluto)
  2. Discover a new coffee shop or bookstore in the city. (Vanir)
  3. Get lost in a novel or start your own blog post. (Yvaine)
  4. Take a creative workshop or start a DIY project. (Cleon)
  5. Relax by the water or take a leisurely swim. (Flynn)


Evening Unwind

The sun is setting. How do you unwind and reflect on your day?

  1. Go for a cool-down walk and plan for the next day. (Pluto)
  2. Review your photos from the day and share them on social media. (Vanir)
  3. Have a quiet night in with a movie or your favorite playlist. (Yvaine)
  4. Sketch or journal your day’s experiences. (Cleon)
  5. Hang out at a bonfire or evening beach party. (Flynn)


Reveal Your Summer Style

If you chose mostly...


A’s (Pluto): You're always on the move, and the Pluto sneakers are your perfect match to keep up with your active summer days.

B’s (Vanir): You’re an urban adventurer. The Vanir shoes are ready to stride the city streets with you.

C’s (Yvaine): You prefer laid-back luxury, and the Yvaine is your soulmate for a comfortable, stylish summer.

D’s (Cleon): Creativity is your middle name, and the Cleon kicks will inspire your artistic endeavors.

E’s (Flynn): Beach bum or water warrior, the Flynn is the ideal sidekick for your seaside escapades.


Share your story and shoe match to your friends and see how you’re their adventures unfold! Whatever your style, there’s a One Up sneaker ready to embark on every summer tale. So, which pair will you be stepping into this sunny season?


As we close the chapter on our sun-soaked journey through the One Up Summer Adventure blog, we're buzzing with anticipation to see you blaze trails in your own epic summer story:


Slip into your One Ups and remember: every path is yours to choose, every horizon yours to chase.


Written by: Veronica Manlulu-Santos



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