Cast Your Vote!: Step Up & Stand Out with One Up Shoes

Cast Your Vote!: Step Up & Stand Out with One Up Shoes

Hey, Gen Z trailblazers! Ever felt like your kicks could talk? Well, One Up Shoes is making sure they're hollering with style and affordability. We're rolling out a lineup that’s gonna light up your Insta feed and not your wallet.


🔥 But here's where it gets lit: We want your voice to echo in the sneaker-verse. Which colorway would you crown king and queen of your wardrobe? Get in on this style poll and comment which One Up shoe best matches your vibe!

 1. The "Verena" Vogue

Meet Verena, the shoe that whispers “classy” but screams “edge.” It’s the perfect match for the "That Girl" look. Picture this: you’re rocking a high-waist mom jean, a cropped pastel hoodie, and your hair's up in a messy bun that’s anything but messy. Slip on a pair of Verenas, and you're the It Girl who’s got her life together. Black or beige? Comment below which shade keeps your 'That Girl' aura shining!


2. "Ignite" the Game

Calling all ballers and style MVPs, Ignite is here to fire up your athleisure game. Imagine hitting the courts or the streets in these high-performance basketball shoes that scream “I got game” with every step. Pair them with your sickest basketball shorts, a dry-fit tee, and a snapback to channel that courtside swagger. The Ignite in stealthy black will have you feeling like a pro, while the gleaming white colorway keeps it crisp and clean. So, hoopers and hypebeasts, which Ignite fuels your fire? Bounce over to the comments and slam dunk your vote!


3. The "Simon" Says

Simon says, “Get ready to rule the school.” This colorway is all about that preppy streetwear mix. Imagine a plaid pleated skirt or tapered trousers, paired with an oversized graphic tee half-tucked in, topped with a chunky cardigan. Simon in classic camel tones says you’re smart and stylish. But if you opt for the white and grey, you're officially too cool for school. School us in the comments with your choice!


4. "Arca" – The Ace of Lifestyle

It's the lifestyle shoe for the man who knows that every detail counts. Tailored for the minimalist who strides with purpose, Arca in black and white is the quintessential companion to your cuffed chinos, a crisp button-down, and that vintage leather watch that tells more than time. But if you're one to push boundaries, the Arca in brown is your ticket to subtle distinction. So, gentlemen, which Arca defines your journey? Cast your vote and let your style do the talking!


5. "Loren" – Laid-back Luxe

Last but not least, Loren is the epitome of laid-back luxe. Pair these with your favorite athleisure pieces – we’re talking a sleek, high-waisted legging, a crop top, and an open flannel shirt. The white Loren is for those who like to keep it clean and fresh, while the black adds an element of downtown cool. Which Loren are you lounging in? Let us know in the comments!



Alright, fam, it’s time to make your voices heard! Drop your votes for the best colorway/outfit combo in the comments and let’s find out which One Up sneaker takes the crown for Gen Z’s go-to gear. And remember, stay fresh, stay fly, and One Up your style!

Let's Make It Trend!

We’re not just talking shoes; we’re building a community of trendsetters. As we roll out the Style Poll, let’s get interactive and make our voices heard! Which One Up sneaker has your vote? Which colorway would you crown as the ultimate outfit game-changer?

Your Turn! Dive into the comments and share your top picks. This is your runway, your platform, your stage. Share your stylish ensembles and mix-and-match magic with the One Up Style Poll. Engage with fellow fashion enthusiasts, swap style tips, and get inspired by the creativity of the community.

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Written By: Veronica Manlulu - Santos


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