Campus Fits: Level Up Your Everyday School OOTD with One Up

Campus Fits: Level Up Your Everyday School OOTD with One Up

With the right outfit and the right pair of shoes, your school's hallways, classrooms, and campus spaces can be your personal runway.


That’s why we’re saying goodbye to days of plain uniforms and basic outfits on washdays. Read on below to check out the ultimate guide for upgrading your daily school fits to a whole new level of cool for school.


Are you ready to make this academic year a fashion adventure? Buckle up and get ready to take your school OOTD to the next level!


 1. Pink Fantasy

Photo from @itsthatgirlarlene on Pinterest | HARMONY

Pink is the color of the season thanks to our fave fashion doll, Barbie. That's why, now is the time to infuse your campus style with a touch of girly charm.

Outfit Idea: pink cardigan + blue jeans + plain white top

Elevate the classic jeans and shirt combo with a delightful pink cardigan. This will keep you comfortable as you go about your school activities while letting your feminine energy shine.

Perfect Pair: Harmony

Pair your outfit with Harmony. Unlike other girly shoes that can be quite uncomfortable, it’s made with a knit material that can allow you to run between classes with ease.


2. Effortlessly Chic

Photo from @popsugar on Pinterest | UPTREND


For those who believe that comfort is the key to confident campus vibes, we've got you covered.

Outfit Idea: tucked white shirt + baggy trousers

Here's an ensemble that's both laid-back and fashion-forward. Start with a crisp white shirt, slightly oversized for that coveted casual appeal. Tuck it loosely into a pair of baggy trousers that are designed to let you move with unrestricted freedom throughout your day.

Perfect Pair: Uptrend

Walk through campus in cozy and trendy bliss with Uptrend. Its knit material will go perfectly with your laid-back look.



3. Off-Court Swag

Photo from @explorewithcely on Pinterest | ZINNIA


If you live and breathe the athleisure life, you're in for a treat.

Outfit Idea: fitted onesie + oversize polo combo

All you need is a fitted onesie or romper in a color or pattern that speaks to your personality. Then, layer it up by throwing on an oversize polo shirt.

The juxtaposition of the fitted base and the roomy top creates a silhouette that's equal parts sporty and relaxed.

Perfect Pair: Zinnia

Athletic silhouette meets versatile charm, Zinnia effortlessly enhances outfits while keeping up with school demands.



4. Minimalist Charm

 Photo from @StopandRelax_ on Pinterest | POLARIS L


For those who believe that less is more, then this is for you.

Outfit Idea: white tee + knitted vest + trousers

Embrace the essence of minimalism with the understated chicness of this ensemble. This trio is a symphony of clean lines and muted tones, allowing you to make a lowkey statement.

Perfect Pair: Polaris

Polaris is the epitome of minimalist elegance. With its timeless white and beige hues and sleek silhouette, it's the ultimate shoe to complete your effortlessly chic minimalist OOTD for school.


5. Vibrant Vibes

Photo from @simplylillie on Pinterest | ARIDA

If your style is all about adding a burst of energy to your wardrobe, while maintaining a chic edge, take note.

Outfit Idea: white tee + denim jeans + colorful knitted vest

Get ready to make a statement with your outfit, as we blend classic elements with playful hues. Start with the timeless combination of a white tee and denim jeans.

These will serve as a neutral backdrop for the star of your fit: your colorful knitted vest.

Perfect Pair: Arida

Arida features a stunning black, blue, and pink hue --  making it the ideal shoe to harmonize with your colorful outfit and elevate your unique campus vibe.


6. Edgy Enigma


Photo from @stylesoverdose on Pinterest | VINI

If your fashion compass points towards the edgy and the unconventional, you're about to embark on a journey of self-expression that stands out in the crowd.

Outfit Idea: oversize vintage tee + baggy denim jeans

Prepare to rock the campus with a striking combination that redefines edginess. This ensemble is a canvas for your bold spirit, allowing you to showcase your unique style with an unapologetic attitude.

Perfect Pair: VINI

Vini features a classic white sneaker design with a metallic hint, It will seamlessly amplify your bold ensemble. Without a doubt, it will craft an unmistakable style statement that resonates with your edgy vibe.


As you embark on your journey through campus fashion, don’t forget to adhere to your school’s policies. But always try to find those loopholes to express your unique identity.


Good luck!



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