Be a 'Girl's Girl' with One Up: Slay in Unity and Style

Be a 'Girl's Girl' with One Up: Slay in Unity and Style

Hey queens! 👑👸🏻

March is here, and it's not just any month—it's OUR month, Women's Month! As we gear up to celebrate International Women's Day, One Up is here to empower every step of the journey. Because what's a 'Girl's Girl'? She's all of us—united, fierce, and undeniably stylish. With One Up, we're bringing that 'Girl's Girl' spirit into the spotlight, crafting a connection through each pair of kicks that goes beyond mere trends.

So, let's link up, lace up, and lift up each other in unity and style with One Up's collection that's making all the right statements. Here's to shoes that let us walk the walk of womanhood with boldness and beauty!


👟 VANIR Vibes: Priced at ₱1,250.00, these chunky, off-white sneakers are your go-to for making powerful strides in the world. With their bold, gold accents, VANIR is your secret weapon for those days when you need to feel like the queen you are. Tell your soul sister she's golden by gifting her these bad boys.


🎀 MADISON Moods: Picture this: sleek, sporty, yet feminine sneakers with a soft, peachy undertone that whisper "Girl Power" with every step. That's MADISON for you, sis. Ideal for those 'on the move' days without sacrificing an ounce of chic. For only ₱1,250.00, twin with your bestie in MADISONs and own the streets with grace.

🖤 KHALISA Cool: Talk about a sleek affair! For only 
₱850.00, the KHALISA sneakers are your black canvas of empowerment with just the right pop of pink to add that flirty edge. Whether you're hustling through a busy day or dancing the night away, these are your armor for every battle and celebration.

👼 YVAINE's Halo: Here's to the angels walking the earth—YVAINE in pristine cream with subtle orange emblems is the halo for your feet. For only 
₱1,250.00, gift these to the guardian angel in your life, because every "girl's girl" deserves to have her kindness and light recognized.

🌟 EMPIRE Dreams: Bold, with pastel pink and sky blue, EMPIRE isn't just a shoe, it's a statement. It's for the visionaries, the leaders, the ones who pave the way with love and might. For only 
₱1,550.00, build your empires together, one step at a time, in shoes that mean business.

🌞 LEVANT Lore: As fresh as the first light of dawn, LEVANT in white with lilac accents is a breath of fresh air. These sneakers are for the dreamers and doers who rise with the sun, ready to write new stories. For only 
₱1,250.00, gift a pair to the friend who always inspires you to rise and shine.

Throughout this Women's Month, let's pledge to uplift and celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. In the dynamic, ever-stylish world of One Up, shoes are more than just accessories—they're extensions of our spirit, our sisterhood, and our shared journey.

As we wrap up this celebration of style and sisterhood with One Up for Women's Month, we're stoked to see how you champion the 'Girl's Girl' vibe: · 



Written by: Veronica Manlulu-Santos



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