5 Sneaker Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

5 Sneaker Staples Your Wardrobe Needs

Your wardrobe only needs a few staples to mark your unique styles. Of course, collecting as many pairs as we can is the goal. But while we build that dream, let’s first focus on the essential pieces!
When we say sneaker staples, we mean pairs that you can mix and match with any outfit and those you can quickly grab depending on your mood and vibe for the day. It’s also vital that they are high quality with great aesthetic value. Something that will last you a long time.
1st Staple: White Sneakers
Neutrals to balance out any color combination are a must. There’s a reason why white sneakers are a crowd favorite; you just can’t go wrong with it. You can wear whites with jeans, trousers, shorts, slacks, dresses, and skirts, and you’ll still look on-point.

2nd Staple: Casual Wear   

The casual style is often a tough spot. It’s too chill to be overdressed, but pambahay also doesn’t work. Casuals are here to the rescue! They help you look prepared and put together even if you don’t try hard.

The NATALIE in beige.

The NATALIE in beige.

The SEYMOUR in navy blue.

Like white sneakers, these go with everything. It’s safe to pair with a plain t-shirt and jeans. You can wear the simplest look, and trust that these casuals can amp up the outfit with minimal effort.


3rd Staple: Active Kicks 

As sneakerheads, you know well that engaging in active sports requires certain shoe features. It’s not so much for the looks but more for safety and protection.

You can’t have a wardrobe full of casuals only – although that does sound cute. But trust us, those gym sessions, long walks, and hiking trips will prove us right.

 The UPSHOT in black.

The UPSHOT in black.

The SENECA in pink.

The ORACLE in black (for kids).


4th Staple: Slippers and Slides   

Opposite to the third staple, our following recommendation is to have shoes for relaxation. When you don’t have anywhere important to go, slides you can easily slip in and out of will be a game-changer.

 Think about running to your gate when a package comes, rushing to the supermarket to buy that missing ingredient, or driving to your nearby neighbor’s house to drop something off! What do you wear in these situations?

The EASESLIDE in black.

The TERRA SLIDE in navy blue.


One Up slides are also great for after-workouts. Imagine completing a challenging session, taking off your socks, and slipping into these soft and comfortable slides. Wow.


5th Staple: The Make-A-Statement Shoes  

While we love neutrals and minimalist styles, there are also days when we’d love to strut down the streets with kicks that will make people take a double look. We’re talking about loud colors and distinct designs, perfect for making a statement.


The METEORIC in white.

The ODILE in beige.

The CARMINE in black.

See what we mean? These are pairs that will make someone stop and contemplate if they should ask you where you got your sneakers. If this happens, you already know what to answer – One Up!


What Else Is Your Wardrobe Missing?

So, how’s your sneaker situation? Are you in the process of completing it? Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade some pieces. It doesn’t matter what the case is; One Up’s doors are wide open to fulfill your shoe search needs!


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Written by : Klariz Rae C. Chen







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